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DOUBLE TIME IS BACK as we explore the BITCH DOG BOY - D&sDNA code5

Yes, DOUBLE TIME is back for a limited time, enroll or advance, and receive twice the tuition time that you otherwise enroll for.

This week, we study the "BITCH DOG BOY" type 5 of the ten traits that make up the D&sDNA code of an adult submale, also known as a boy in the world of Dominant Women.

This one - The Bitch Dog Boy - has different meanings for both
Dommes and boys. Sometimes evokes primeval urgings in both, read on.

That is, your code of NEEDS and HER code of PREFERENCES. The Academy Domme Corps, the Faculty, the Trainer Dommes await your enrollment and presence on the Auction Block. They do however like to train boys of all traits, and find out more about the boy, maybe things he did not even know ! Thus, they all seek good boys (adult submales) for Truelife D&s FLRs - Tethered and Live-In.

Miss Matrix - USA
Goddess Cerru - USA
Lady Athena - NV
Mistress Abigail - TX
Mistress Marsa - NC
Lady Reyna - Quebec
Princess Nita - Cherokee Nation OK
Ms Pat - NJ
Mistress Gabriella - CA
Mistress Dora - NC
Lady Demeter - UK
Lady Luna - NJ
And who will be next from where ?

You are welcome from anywhere in the world. Married okay, and the older boy is often the better boy.

Initial training is all by confidential and safe email and website.

Women ready to "Spread their wings of Dominance" are welcome to apply for Domme Corps membership. Send an email to me, Miss Matrix, for further in formation.

The Domme Corps has included women from all corners of the world. They come to learn, hone skills, find, train, own, and use "good boys". They leave, boy in tow, and often later return to add to their stable or maybe "trade the boy in". It happens.

Now, the "BITCH DOG BOY".

The Bitch Dog Boy is D&s DNA code "5". Not a role to be played, but descriptive of innermost needs, traits, and tendencies - for those who feel it. This lesson is not necessarily a statement of what is going to happen to you, but your reaction to it will help you and your Trainer Domme to determine "where" code "5" fits into your D&s DNA code, if at all.

Generally speaking, nothing will happen to you, or any boy, that is not craved at some level of inner desire - and further that is also thought safe and appropriate by your Owner Domme.

A good Domme is a responsible and caring Domme.

About the Bitch Dog Boy

This has nothing to do with bestiality and common perversion. It is about a form of relationship that often brings the Domme to the top of her powers and renders a special feeling of "belonging" for the submale whom we call a Bitch Dog Boy.

Once broken to bondage, discipline, and oral servitude, the Bitch Dog Boy is ready for advanced training.

Perhaps the old saying is at play about the Dog, being "woman's best friend" is simply the case here. Something along the lines of faithfulness.

Old dogs can be taught new tricks .. and a Domme always like to be one who does.

The Bitch Dog Position

This is a favored training technique favored by Miss Matrix for advanced training of exceptional submales .. regardless of whether or not the sub has expressed any previous interest in dogs or dog training. Dog is not the key word here, it is the "position" and its relationship to Show Dog Training.

It requires that male has already been broken (behavior acceptance to training) to basic submission, specifically oral servitude (OSODD) .. that is, he understands and accepts the concept of feminine superiority and its requirements of bondage and discipline.

The submale is placed into what is called the "Bitch Dog Position". This is done by stripping him .. and placing him on "all fours" .. on the carpet .. or on the bed, facing the foot of the bed. Next he is collared and blindfolded.

Then .. he is "styled" with his Owner/Domme's hands, a riding crop, or a limber yard stick as a substitute riding crop. "Styling" means to position his hands, knees and feet just right, her her estimation. Also, by arching his back .. or pushing up his tummy .. or projecting his ass back and up. Then positioning his head and chin "just right" .. just as if he was being styled up in a regular Dog Show competition, just like you have seen on television .. that final styling just before the judge comes by.

He is told that he must maintain that position .. no matter what else is happening around him .. or to him. Check the size and hardness of his cock and balls before - and after the styling - and you will usually find him bigger and harder than before.

The higher the degree of reaction .. the more potential he has for Bitch Dog training.

Blindfolded - he is told that he must learn to trust - and to suck instinctively and hungrily .. on whatever is placed in his mouth, to suck automatically and obediently, trusting that SHE knows what is best for him. It could be a finger .. a nipple .. a toe .. a vibrator .. or what - perhaps even a dildo?

He must trust and believe in his Owner/Domme that she knows what he is ready for - and when. To flinch to hesitate for the slightest moment would instantly bring a crop down across his rump with vicious swiftness. His actions must become truly instinctive.

The Bitch Dog reacts thru gestures and obedience .. dogs don't speak words, you know. SHE talks to him though just as a dog owner "talks" to her real canine dog. But .. do they ever communicate! Silence is Golden and more, should she decide to "mark" her property. Electronic "collars" too, maybe.

He is taught to hold his mouth open in a rounded circle, and to keep his lips always wet by licking with his tongue - so that they will be lubricated to receive whatever his Owner chooses to feed him to further his oral servitude training.

In the Bitch Dog Position ... he is available for a multitude of training procedures. Approached from the front and he is ready to for obedient sucking exercises .

His backside is available for disciplining. Cock and balls will hang straight down and forward, displaying them in a most beautiful manner .. easy for attachment of a variety of training devices .. harnesses, clamps, cages, weights, restrictions .. perhaps even a wiring harness and anal probe for a little "shock" therapy .. should his Owner/Domme so desire.

His ass and pseudo-clit are available for inspection, probing, plugging - whatever is desired. His ass and boyhood truly belong to his Owner.

The bitch dog position ... is also used to determine if he has been obedient and celibate since his last service. You see, he is in the perfect position to be milked and "whipped" to ejaculation .. with or without anal and testicular "assistance".

Of course, he is made to taste what cums.

If he is trained on regular intervals, a pattern will set in - as to his swollen size, degree of hardness, length of time, and the volume of his cum - based on the number of days since his last service. Deviations from this established pattern testify to illicit sexual conduct since his last service - and this can mean only thing .. PUNISHMENT swift and severe. Again, the Bitch Dog Position surely accommodates this, oh so nicely!

If he has advanced and qualified for the next level, hands and knees are manacled to spreader bars which are secured tightly to the floor or under the bed. A sling (as easily constructed as a pillowcase with knotted ends) is placed under his waist and pulled tight on a rope to a secure ceiling hook. He is now totally immobilized, totally exposed, and is most vulnerable.

Most Dommes who enjoy bitch dog boys and training are fond of strap-on dildos, and it is natural that if the boy has reacted well so far, that she may want to mount him. "Deflower" him, as it is sometimes called. The woman who wakes up hornie can find no better pleasure than to strap it on and vigorously mount her bitch dog boy.

The Bitch Dog Position becomes his standard position for being inspected, probed, and used by his Owner/Domme and her friends, often at the same time.

And like a good dog, no matter how much you ignore or scold or punish him, he will always be eager to lick and serve again. Down boy, DOWN !

Is that all there is to it? Not at all, different Dommes can have very different ideas as to how a Bitch Dog boy should be utilized. One Domme milked her bitch dog boy regularly, donating his cum to a sperm bank. The Domme, who grew up on a farm, said it was just like milking a cow.

Well there we have it .. Miss Matrix's best to help you determine just which type you are to what degree , and what number your D&sDNA code begins with.

It is all about obedience to HER - however she defines it.

ARE YOU a bit of a BITCH DOG BOY ???

ST-08 The BITCH DOG BOY is one of more than 100 lessons in the Miss Matrix Academy curriculum that educate, break down inhibitions, and jump start passions for Domme and boy alike.

So, where will the Code "5" fit into your D&sDNA Code? At the front, middle, in the rear ? There are ten components to your code of NEEDS and your future owner code of PREFERENCES. Learn more about all of this on the Academy Site Home Page, just scroll down until you find the D&sDNA Code.

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We used to say "Which2RU" but now it is understood that a boy's drive can have up to ten components in varying degrees, and how they are ranked makes up your Code. And remember, for the Dominant Woman they reflect HER PREFERENCES.

1 - The Bad Boy
2 - The Sissy Boy
3 - The Sex Slave (OSODD Boy)
4 - The Mommie's Boy
5 - The Bitch Dog Boy
6 - The Black Domme Addicted Boy
7 - The Locked Chastity Boy
8 - The House Boy
9 - The Slut Boy
0 - The Bondage Boy

Academy Enrollment brings you into Education, Exploration & Opportunity.

FLRs cannot be purchased, they must "develop" - and we provide a "fertile" environment for that to happen.

Starts with complete confidentiality and can end with your "Destiny" as a Live-in boy in service to your Owner Domme for the long haul of life.

Or you can become a "Tethered" boy, think of it as a "leash", and the leash is pulled in when feasible and agreeable for IP (In Person) training, usage, and service.

The Academy can be a great stepping stone for you, if not your ultimate destiny. Marriages often improve when "seemingly vanilla" wives respond to your newly developed submissive tendencies. It happens.

Enroll today -

We want you stripped and on your knees ..

I love "Gooood Boys"

Miss Matrix




Miss Matrix here,

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This is what my Academy is all about - D&s FLRs - Female Led Relationships. Dominant Women and submissive males, like you.

What we provide is Education Exploration and Opportunity for you to learn more about that gnawing need that lurks constantly within your inner core. Safely explore your next level, whatever it is. An FLR is probably possible for you - tethered or even live-in. Explore the darkest depths of your desires in confidentiality in the Academy.

A different lesson is included in each Newsletter, each lesson has a point and is discussed between Trainer Domme and boy (adult submale) to educate, break down inhibitions, and jump-start the explorations that can lead to your Destiny. Read it below.

Do you need to be whipped hard, are you a "sissy boy", do you need to worship between a woman's legs (we call that OSODD), are you a "Mommie's Boy", do you crave to worship a powerful Black Domme, do you need to kept in locked male chastity, do you need to be collared and with dog tags hanging from your balls ????? No two boys have exactly the same need set (we call that your D&sDNA code). The Trainer Dommes, the teachers are all allowed to mess with the students - and all seek FLRs, tethered and live-in. And that is the "Opportunity" for the boy who enrolls in the Academy.

Our Faculty is the Academy Domme Corps. They are the Trainer Dommes who will teach, train, guide, and perhaps even use you IP (In Person) if that is your Destiny. They are all prime age women with a natural desire and instinct to Teach and Dominate

Visit the Academy, to learn more about fulfilling your dreams and desires. Beyond play and kink, your needs can be realized in a Truelife FLR if that indeed is your Destiny. Learn from every step of the journey, no matter where it ends, if ever ..

If you are a woman ready to spread your wings of Dominance, we invite your inquiry.

Now here is your lesson for this week.

BondageBoy1" width="123"/>

TL-05 Draining the boy

The collared and owned male will need to be drained time to time, even though there is value in keeping him hard, eager and therefore hungry.

Regardless, when I am through with a boy for the time being, I do drain him as a rule .. and maybe WITH a ruler, if not a yardstick !

I make him squat in front of me, stripped except maybe for some leather harness
work, and to stroke himself. I set the cadence often with a yardstick (the ruler) across his ass .. or warm stinging hand slaps to his face, spiced with some verbal commands, that is, "a talkin' to". he rarely fails to drain and often explode .. and I praise him just as Mommy might praise her little boy for "making potty" during such training.

There are other reasons for draining him.

"use it or lose it"

If you know about weight training, it needs to be regular to be of any value.

And a nursing mother knows that she comes back stronger (production) when she is
taken down (emptied) completely by a hungry little mouth at the nipple.

Leverage occurs when discipline always precedes any sexual activity including the draining. That is why I set the cadence as I do. Soon, he will not even be able to get HARD and after that to ejaculate - without dreaming of or experiencing the triggering discipline from his competent, caring Owner Domme.

In time, with regular draining, the boy's cock and mind STAY semi-hard to a degree .. ALL

OSODD sessions are often ended in this manner.

Last thought .. nothing more beautiful than a boy stroking, squatted over a heavily weighted parachute hanging from his swollen balls, extending his balls, downward. The sway of stroking multiplies the weight and his desire to serve and perform for you.

Oh the sweet agony !!!

And often this produces prodigious results for the boy to clean-up .. but that too is another lesson.

TL-05 Draining the boy

send to: Your Transition Domme
subject: TL-05 Draining the boy

message: as instructed

Hence, the boy should imagine that he is "the boy" as he reads this lesson. It is from perspective that you should express your feelings, needs, fears, and desires in your essay. SHE and you will learn much about one another through this lesson.

If not enrolled, perhaps you should be, hmm?


Miss Matrix

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