The Good Boy Quiz

Let's see if YOU are "good boy" material !

Several ways to take the quiz:

(a) Copy and paste into an email, adding your answers.  Send to

(b) Same as (a) except that numbered 

answers are okay.

(c)  Keep track of your answers in your mind, then consult your little friend down south - if he agrees - enroll.   

The basic answer is YES or no.


01. Do you have both need and respect for strong feminine authority?  


02. Are you willing to be stripped naked and have your sexual function controlled in an FLR? 


03. Do you accept that you may be placed in locked chastity and be cuckolded in an FLR? 


04. Do you accept that you may be required to worship, as in OSODD (Oral Service on Domme's Demand) in an FLR? 


05. Do you accept that some bondage and discipline may be required in an FLR? 


06. Do you accept that you may be mounted with a strap-on in an FLR? 


07. Do you accept that you may be shared with other women in an FLR? 


08. Are you aware of the special attraction of some whiteboys for a Black Domme? 

(09) Regarding (8),  are you such a boy?  (okay, either way) ?  


(10). Do you wish to serve and "belong" to a Dominant Woman who cares about you, in a Long Term D&s Female Led Relationship?

(11).  Does being called "her boy" give you warm fuzzy feelings? 

(12).  With reference to the D&sDNA CODE discussion of submale traits found elsewhere on this site, and  abbreviated as follows: 

Bondage Boy

Bad Boy

Sissy Boy

Mommie's Boy

Bitch Dog Boy

Black Addiction Boy

Chastity Boy

House Boy

Slut Boy 

Does your heart, mind or libido find identity with at least 3 of these core traits, listed above, as you understand them now?

(13) Are you 25 years of age or older? (married is okay and the older male, 50 and up, is often the better boy) 

(14) Do you accept that modest tuition is required for administration of the Academy?

(15) Do you understand that the Academy Domme Corps Women (the Trainer Dommes) are not paid agents or employees to pretend they like you, that instead they are here wanting  to find you, to train you, to consider you for their own FLR - tethered or live-in?  


(16)  Did taking this quiz provide some level of arousement ??? 

Very Good, the survey is finished but your journey is just beginning ! 


A score of 14 or more is EXCELLENT

A score of 10 to 13 is FAVORABLE

A score of 7 to 9 is MUCH TO LEARN

A score of 0 to 6 is the PIGMALE ZONE

For copy and paste email methods (a) or (b)  you may add a few words as to why you you think you are indeed "good boy" material.  

For method (c) "Self Analysis". If you scored MUCH TO LEARN, FAVORABLE, or EXCELLENT, you should definitely ENROLL NOW 

Added discussion of D&sDNA Traits:

Trait 0 - The Bondage Boy, learns best in bondage, focuses his attention. 

Trait 1 - The Bad Boy, not really bad, just needs to feel the authority.

Trait 2 - The Sissy Boy – softness and a desire to emulate femininity. 

Trait 3 - The Sex Slave (addict) – serves as she dictates, often cuckolded.

Trait 4 - The Mommie's Boy – a continuing need for comfort and closeness.

Trait 5 - The Bitch Dog Boy – It’s about loyalty, obedience, and more ..


Trait 6 - The Black Addiction Boy -"once black, never go back" a special bond and chemistry for the whiteboy and his BlackDomme Owner. 


Trait 7 - The Chastity Boy - thrives in locked chastity

Trait 8 - The House Boy - years to serve in D&s domestic service.

Trait 9 - The Slut Boy, a hopeless pervert in every sense of the word, a true "slave to his own desires". He needs and wants it all !

Good boy for finishing it !

Semper Fem,

Miss Matrix


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Good Women are waiting to educate, to train, to own, and to use you !

What women, you ask.

(1) The Academy Domme Corps, the Faculty of Trainer Dommes  - all seeking FLRs - tethered and live-in.

(2) Or maybe a Dominant Women that you will learn how to find.

(3) and always finally, Local Women who will hit on you, picking up on your newly developed submissiveness.

The Academy can be an excellent stepping stone, if not your ULTIMATE DESTINY for the long haul of a good life!     


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