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If you are visitor from CollarSpace, WELCOME !!


If you are, "WELCOME"

Two types of males arrive here from Collarspace.

(1) Players and Kinks - Not FLR material - but plenty here for jerk-off pleasure, and all for free.

(2) The submale seriously seeking to explore his destiny in a Truelife D&s Female Led Relationship.

    For this male, we offer EDUCATION, EXPLORATION, and OPPORTUNITY.

Learn from and with the Academy Domme Corps of Trainer Dommes, all of whom seek FLRs - Tethered and live-in.  It all starts with confidential email and website discussion of Miss Matrix's D&s philosophies - more than 100 lessons to inform, expose, and jump-start your deep-rooted passions, needs, and tendencies.  It can lead to IP (In Person) and Live-in - or it can stay basically confidential cyber and email if that is best for you. Married is okay, and the older boy is often the better boy.

Explore also

If you are an academy Trainer Domme , or would like to be ??



You need to register and create your profile there.  This is where your profile and your stable will be shown (edited by you).  It is also where submale profiles will be found with those "AVAILABLE for BID" so marked.  This is where you can message any other Domme or any submale - on that platform!   Register with your Academy ID.    You will not be able to participate without being in the Forum.  <<<<<<< to the Forum ! <<<<<

STAY TUNED IN - the Yahoo Groups

DC-22 @  You need to SUBSCRIBE - it is the DCs Only YG.

Subscribe Do so by sending an email from your Academy email address to

MatrixTrainingTalk @ This is the announcement Group for messages for everyone (enrolled boys and DCs) .  Subscribe by email to: 

It is used for announcements by Miss Matrix, but DCs may post any message for the good of the Academy.    You  won't be able to participate if you are not subscribed to these groups.

Need help, ask.  My boy mouse - a very bright boy - will help you.  He can lick any problem. 


They appear in the FORUM (see above) and an updated list of all boys and DC assignments is periodically sent out to everyone on MatrixTrainingTalk

Done properly, each "available erly" boy will have an"Available for BID" image as his icon.  


You send Miss Matrix an email with BID information ON THE SUBJECT LINE. 


For new boys, scroll down not too far and you will find the E&O (Enrollment & Orientation) Lessons whuich yiu need to complete.

For others - the Starter Level, Transition Loop, and FLR Level Lessons are on this website under the Tabs DC-ST, DC-TL, and DC-FLR.   They should open for DCs, but not boys.  Email MM if you (DCs) cannot get to them. 


Would love to talk to you about entering the Domme Corps.  Send me an email to and we can talk about it !      Spread your Wings !!!  

If you are an enrolled adult submale



You need to REGISTER and create your profile there.  This is where your profile (edited by you) and your Trainer Domme's stable will be shown.  It is also  where all DC profiles will be found.  You will be able to message anyone else on the Forum.-  on that platform!   Register with your Academy ID.    You will not be able to participate without being in the Forum.  <<<<<<< to the Forum ! <<<<< 


You need to SUBSCRIBE - it goes out to all enrolled boys (adult submales) and DCs.   Used by Miss Matrix, but DCs may also post any message for the good of the Academy.    Subscribe by sending an email from your Academy email to:  You won't be able to participate if you are not subscribed to this group.


Your profile will be in the FORUM when you create it.   You will edit it.  Your image or Avatar will be your DOG TAG image.    


The Trainers choose or BID for unassigned boys to add to their training stables.    She sets the pace and agenda, but the training at first centers on discussion of D&s Lessons that help both to better explore the boy.  Either can opt out of the assignment.   The ultimate goal of an assignment is an FLR, tethered, if not live-in. 


Your Trainer Domme has access to all of the lessons, and she will send them to you by email as she deems you are ready for them.  The purpose is to educate you and help you to explore your inner self AND YOUR FUTURE.   They also help to jump-start exploration and break down inhibitions.   


No shame in that, ENROLL boy, ENROLL. 

IF you are a submale not yet enrolled



This is where you need to be, physically and mentally, and YOU KNOW IT.   You yearn for Strong Feminine Authority,       Yearning to serve, to belong, and to be find release for your most perverted thoughts and inner urgings.


Click on the ENROLLMENT tab at the top of the Home Page.    Enrollment Tuition Fees are for the Administration of the Academy, modest by any D&s standards.  You may also pay tuition fees via Amazon eGift Card, but this REQUIRES SPECIFIC INSTRUCTIONS. 


Of course, for everyone !   Upon enrollment you will be given a new identity and a new confidential email address.    Initial training is done by email and websites.   No one will know your actual name, email address, or where you live.      You will be assigned to a Trainer Domme (who seeks an FLR) and if that clicks, you will arrange  subsequent training vehicles and venues with HER, as it should be. 

What is an FLR ?

An FLR (here) is a D&s Truelife Female Led Relationship.   Truelife ?   Yes, tethered or live-in.  Not a mindless hook-up or idle play.    Tethered?  Yes, like an invisible leash.   The sense of ownership is the same as live-in.  As you well know, live-in is not possible for many boys (adult submales).  Tethered includes In Person service and training when feasible and agreeable. 

The major difference between Truelife and Play is that in Truelife "Submission is the boy's reality" and "play is how he conducts his allowed vanilla life"  

About the Trainer Dommes ..

Most are Prime-age women (over 40) Wise women with cougar instincts, all looking for good boys for an FLR for the long haul of life (just as you should be).  They are not employees, contractors, agents, etc of the Academy.  They are all esteemed members of the the Domme Corps.   They applied, seeking mentorship from Miss Matrix and the opportunity to teach (and select at the same time).     No hookers or scam artists here. here.

About the Curriculum ..

Extensive.   First we explore your D&sDNA code - your inner instinctive needs and tendencies.   There is a whole section on it, here on this site for your review now.   There is a Quiz to gauge  your suitability for the Academy, look for it here on the Site.    As for the Training Lesson curriculum, there are more than 100 lessons for discussion between you and your Trainer Domme, including the OSODD Series and the IP (In Person) Series.   All are designed to educate, jump-start exploration, and break down inhibitions.   

But, when you do enroll - we do this

E&O Lessons - 01 & 02 Stripping and Harnessing

E&O stands for Enrollment & Orientation, six leassons aor assignments for you to do first.

These are all both with Miss Matrix, the name and number are to assure confidentiality and the third lesson 

Yes, the name requirement does not allow a purely masculine pigmale name.  The name must be feminine or one that could commonly go either way.  


E&O-03 Building your Profile

 You get an email about this one, but read on.   Creating your profile on the Forum is yoiur first step.  You create it using your new Academy identity.  You add what we call "exposure" text for the benefit of Dommes who are looking for a boy  to train.   Include the basics of age, ht, wt, location state or country, marital status, general type of work you do or did, if retired.   INCLUDE NOTHING that might lead to easy actual identity  of yourself.  

Here is the link for the Forum

There are instructions for registering  on the front page.  Give it a good try.

But, if you really mess it up or are just baffled, you may email my bright boy mouse and he will try to help you.    

You are not fully enrolled unless you have registered and created your profile in the Forum. 

Your very first icon image (avatar) for your profile will be the "Available for BID" one that you will find in the "avatar library" in the Forum.  Very important as this will alert the Domme Corps as to your arrival and availability for Auction.     You will replace it with an "Assigned to (name of) Trainr Domme when that happens, 


E&O-04 Dog Tags

 Your first icon image (avatar) will be the "Available for Bid" banner.   After you are assigned it will change to an icon identifying to whom you are assigned.

 But, now about your Dog Tags..     Examples at the bottom of this page.    Dog Tags are symbolic of your new status, but also are an important aspect of your first IP (In Person) service. 

If you prove to be a Good Boy, your Dog Tag image will be posted on the Parade of Dog Tags, here on the site, scroll down.  

You are to purchase at least two identical Dog Tags inscribed with your new number and name, okay if all caps.  

Can be done at a kiosk in Petco, PetSmart, and other pet stores.  

Purchase also at a hardware store, a 36 inch length of "closet light beaded chain".    The length is important and the beaded construction is too.   On the occasion of your first (and subsequent IPs. Your Dog Tag will be attached to your balls via cock ring and that 36 inch beaded chain - which extends 18 inches when pulled tight.   SHE will confiscate your Dog Tag as a trophy or momento of your first IP service.     SHE may just rip it off you in haste, accident . or design. 

Little harm however if you are using the beaded chain described above.  It will readily separate long before you lose a ball !      

The desired image is both tags and the chain held in your hand while you take a pix with your other hand.   Both Tags should be readable (good light?) and only "some" of the chain be seen.        

Save or convert the image as a .jpg.

You may have to reduce its size for display in the Forum.  Instructions for where and how to post on the Forum are being developed at this time.    

Contact my boy mouse, the Forum administrator, if you have tried to do it, but just cannot get it to display properly.     But do not abuse this privilege, abusing mouse is MY privilege !!     see the examples below. 


E&O- 05 Newsletter and CS

This first one, the Academy Newsletter, is an easy one .. subscribe to the Academy Newsletter.  To do so, click on the "Subscribe" right brlow the Home Page banner.    


The Newsletter often has "bonus"  lessons and other information you might not see elsewhere.

CS (Collarspace dot com) 

If you already have a Profile there, delete or hide it.   Then create a new profile based on your new Academy identity.  It should state in your words that you are enrolled and studying in the MissMatrixAcademy.   

The icon image there should be your Dog Tag image.   Find my profile on CS (MissMatrix) and look at it, you should find "friends" listed below it.  Open a few submale profiles to see what others have said.   When your new profile is up, go to my profile and request friend status.   

 Your Trainer Domme, when assigned, may impose her own rules regarding CS.   Do not be trolling other women EXCEPT TO TELL THEM ABOUT THE ACADEMY, this is how we find some of our nest DCs  - if and only if you think they are reasonable candidates for the Truelife Domme Corps. 

IF YOU KNOW NOTHING of CS, it is time that you learned.  


E&0-06 Confessions and E&O & D&s DNA Codes

Confession is a lesson to learn of it, its  monthly obligation. 

Monthly Confession is due on or about the first of each month, sent to  Miss Matrix and copy your Trainer Domme.

The format is as follows:

I am assigned to _____________

[  ] I beg to stay with her.

[  ] I ask to be reassigned.

My GTD is ________ and I plan to advance it on ______.

I also wish to say: 

love, your boy __________

D&s DNA Codes - you will now determine what you THINK your code is, I say THINK because you and your Trainer Domme will look more deeply into this later - and probably it will change!      

You will find the code elements and descritions a little further down from here - just scroll down a bit.  Your code will be NINE DIGITS, omitting the least likely of the ten from your code.  

Include your guesstimated Code on your Forum Profile.


The Parade of Good Boy DOG TAGS - critical for service








Education * Exploration * Opportunity

What's it all about ..

Are you "Good Boy" material?  TAKE THE QUIZ to find out.

We provide EDUCATION, EXPLORATION, and PURSUIT of the HAPPINESS of a D&s Truelife FLR. The Trainer Dommes are Prime-Age Dominant Women, all of whom seek Truelife D&s FLRs - both tethered and live-in - they form the Academy Domme Corps Faculty. The image above depicts the classic cycle for what we advocate, teach, and promote. Worldwide !

The other half of the equation is the adult male (typically 35 and older) whose inner compass leans to a need for Strong Feminine Authority- hence, an FLR, that is, a Female Led Relationship.   Such males come from all walks of life and levels of education.  

Truelife D&s FLRs are intended for the long term, long haul of remaining life!   

Fine Women who have a natural need to lead and control - and males who need it.   Refer to the image of the Basic Cycle of TrueLife.

Many are married, which is quite okay, and the older male is often the better one - because he knows his place.  The male may have "played" before and even paid for kink sessions, but now he is ready for the reality of Long TermTruelife D&s FLRs, where the connection is a personal bond for the long haul of remaining life - or at least to learn about them.   

All initial education and training is done by confidential identity and email.  Prime-age dominant women are 40 and up, blessed with the wisdom of life experiences. Good women don't get older, they just get better.  

Still not sure?  TAKE THE QUIZ.


Is this for everyone ?

No, it is not.    BDSM/D&s  has different meanings for different folks.  

For some it is just "play".  For others  it is sexual perversion that drives a male to pay for "scenes" of their choosing, that is, "to be done" as they request, they are the customer or "john" and the woman is the "service provider". 

For "play", the relationships is one of  "playmates", and "money" for the latter.  By contrast, in a Truelife D&s FLR, there is a sense of belonging, and the relationship is a personal bond. D&s activities are truly acts of love and devotion, building on the boy's D&sDNA for the benefit of all.  

Like the Marines, we are looking for "a few good boys".  Maybe just like you.   TAKE THE QUIZ?

Semper Fem,  

Miss Matrix


About those "D&S DNA CODES"

The Codes, what are they?


The codes draw a road map of your inner core, deep down submissive traits, tendencies, and needs.  We have recognized 10 basic traits, each identified with a single digit (0 thru 9). 

When ranked greatest to least from left to right, the first nine form your code.  Pictures and word descriptions to help you and your little friend determine your core needs - the ones that gnaw at you and just won't go away.  


Code "0" The Bondage Boy


The Bondage Boy - needs the security of Bondage.   Yes, the image is a girl, but don't you just wish it was you !  

Never is the Bondage Boy so free, as when he is "placed on the hook". 

Some say, "I have never experienced a greater freedom than what I feel on the hook and totally vulnerable to the firm but loving control of my OwnerDomme"


Code "1" The Bad Boy


The Bad Boy - not really bad, just needs to "feel" her authority. Like the "Bondage Boy", he envies and identifies with any one being disciplined.   For the Bad Boy, punishment is his redemption.  

Can a "bad boy" be a "Good boy" both and at the same time ?  

Myabe you should TAKE THE QUIZ. 


Code "2" The Sissy Boy


The Sissy Boy - softness and femininity are seen in his dress and mannerisms.  He seeks to honor women by emulating them. 

Soft is the Sissy Boy. 


Code "3" The OSODD Boy


The OSODD Boy -  a slave to his own desires .. for more and more.  The  more he gets, the more he needs.Miss Matrix coined the phrase and developed the OSODD Training Regimen. .


Code "4" The Mommie's Boy


 The Mommie's Boy - he yearns for those apron strings, but  the nipple is more than just symbolic.  They represent the Magic Elixir of eternal youth. 


Code "5" The Bitch Dog Boy


The Bitch Dog Boy - its about loyalty, obedience, and much more .. gives rise to "The Bitch Dog Position".  Yes, it does mean different things to different boys .. and Dommes.  

Down boy, DOWN !


Code "6" The Black Addict Boy


The Black Addict Boy - is addicted to Black FemPower for many reasons, the Power, the Taboo, the Historical juxtaposition, the racial guilt, and the screaming throbbing of his little friend.   He transfers the "penis envy" of a white boy for the Black Stud to the Black Domme, and for good reason.  Obeah, could this be you ? 


Code "7" The Chastity Boy


The Chastity Boy -  needs his sex locked away from his own abuse - the making of a cuckold.   He loves to feel his the smallness of his little friend thrusting and struggling against the restraint.   Locked Chastity makes everything better for this boy.


Code "8" The House Boy


The House Boy  - he honors the glory of womanhood by doing the work of the woman of yesteryear.  If only he could be Mr. Clever scrubbing the floor with Beaver's mother, Mrs Clever standing over him.    

The House Boy yearns to be a subhusband bride !


Code "9" The Slut Boy


The Slut boy - totally guided by his need for sex, any sex.  He is the classic FFCS (Forced Fem Cock Sucker).   

What else can he be called ?

Needs the harsh control of an Owner. 


Summary of D&sDNA Code


The Code is  9 digits, we do not list the last or least trait of the ten types.  Thus a code will look like 756-103-428 or 943-780-123, etc., etc.   Consult your little friend down south as you review each code. 

For Truelife Dommes, the Code is a statement of preferences. 

Have you TAKEN THE QUIZ yet ?


About the Academy curriculum

Orientation for New Dommes



Covers Academy confidentiality and philosophies - and brings the new Domme Corps member up to speed as SHE prepares to teach, train, select, take and use.  

She seeks an FLR - tethered or live-in.

Might you, lady, be a good candidate for the Domme Corps, yourself?

Review the "Good boy" QUIZ, and see if you identify with "dominant woman" frequently referenced in the Quiz.     If so, you are.   Email Miss Matrix with your interest at      


Orientation for New Boys



Covers your new confidential identity, name, number, and new email address.

  1. 1.01 Stripping the Boy
  2. 1.02 Harnessing the Boy
  3. 1.03 Building your Profile
  4. 1.04 Academy Newsletter
  5. 1.05 Dog Tags
  6. 1.06 Collarspace 
  7. 1.07 Confession

Dog Tags become your icon image in the Academy.   


Trainer Domme Assignment



This is an exciting time, you are "Fresh Meat" on the Auction Block - and women bid on you to become your Trainer Domme.    Although she bids, and Miss Matrix determines the winning bid, both boy and Trainer Domme must accept the assignment and either can opt out. 

It is a bit like going to the SPCA pound and picking out a new pet, won't work unless there seems to be mutual appeal.   If not we try again.


Starter Level


Education, primarily.  Discuss the basic elements of FLR D& with your Trainer Domme.  More than 20 lessons to learn about D&s, learn about yourself, and learn about your Trainer Domme.   On completion, boy and Trainer Domme decide if he will enter the Transition Level.  Otherwise, each looks for a new assignment.    Sample lessons appear in the Appendix section.

Current Plan as of 03/05/2018 

Lessons are dispensed by the Trainer Domme.  The lessons are EDUCATION and the basis of a Training Dialog that will explore the boy's inner core, if not his very soul, bared to a Woman looking for a boy to own and use. 

  1. ST-01 E&O Requirements 
  2. ST-02 Submale's D&s History
  3. ST-03 The Bondage Boy (0)
  4. ST-04 The Bad Boy (code 1)
  5. ST-05 The Sissy Boy (code 2)
  6. ST-06 The OSODD Boy (3)
  7. ST-07 The Mommie's Boy ( 4) 
  8. ST-08 The Bitch Dog Boy ( 5)
  9. ST-09 The BlackAddict Boy(6)
  10. ST-10 The Chastity Boy ( 7)
  11. ST-11 The Houseboy (code 8)
  12. ST-12 The Slut Boy (code 9)
  13. ST-13 Erotic Shopping 
  14. ST-14 Learning to Hunt 
  15. ST-15 Worship and Oath 
  16. ST-16 The D&s REALationship 
  17. ST-17 The Vacuum of Power
  18. ST-18 Review/Graduation Gift
  19. ST-19 Decision Time  
  20. ST-20 Tuition Renewal 


Transition Level


Focus is on the formation of an FLR. The lessons hone in on the actuality of an FLR between the boy and his Trainer Domme.  Lessons and topics become more personalized, as both boy and Trainer Domme contemplate formation of a Truelife D&s FLR - where the boy is collared and owned - tethered at first, live-in later if feasible.   If not formed, boy returns to the Auction Block.

You and your Starter Level Trainer Domme have agreed to enter the Transition Loop to see if an FLR might be in the works for the two of you.    It may or may not happen, but we will all give it our best effort. 

  1. TL-01 The Transition Loop 
  2. TL-02 Bondage-Body & Mind 
  3. TL-03 Discipline for the boy 
  4. TL-04 Male Chastity in an FLR 
  5. TL-05 Draining the boy            
  6. TL-06 Ball Stretching
  7. TL-07 The Power of OSODD
  8. TL-08 The Basic Cuckold
  9. TL-09  A Boy may Lie, but  ...
  10. TL-10  Meaning of Good boy
  11. TL-11  Soft is the Sissy Boy        
  12. TL-12  The Magic Elixir 
  13. TL-13  The Punishment Kit       
  14. TL-14  Training Gear     
  15. TL-15  Erotic Shopping 
  16. TL-16  The D&s REALationship 
  17. TL-17  The Colony House
  18. TL-18   Feminine Authority
  19. TL-19  The D&s Contract            
  20. TL-20  The Tethering Decision      


The FLR Level


Now, the focus is on deepening the FLR just formed.      Lessons include the 28 part OSODD Series - secrets revealed, and the boy prepared.  Also included is a 14 part "First IP (In Person) Series.  Additional lessons dig ever deeper into the boy's mind and inner core as we strive to make him the best boy possible.   

Such a boy has only his own deepest, darkest desires to fear.

The FLR Level - Collared and Owned, Tethered or Live-in. This is the result of  a successful Transition.  Our purpose now is to deepen and solidify the new  FLR. Your DC - your Owner Domme - will select from among the FLR lessons listed below, choosing them in whatever order she feels best benefits the FLR.   

 These are not  scripts to be recited word for word or action for action. They are accounts of what has worked well for others. 

  1. FLR-01 Collared and Tethered
  2. FLR-02 Whipping the boy 
  3. FLR-03 The Humbler
  4. FLR-04 Discipline&Punsh'mnt
  5. FLR-05 IP and Stark Realities
  6. FLR-06 Mounting your Boy
  7. FLR-07 A Love Story
  8. FLR-08 Prepping for OSODD
  9. FLR-09 The Golden Moment
  10. FLR-10 Fifth Day the Sweetest
  11. FLR 11-38 The OSODD Series 
  12. FLR-39 The Shampoo Boy
  13. FLR-40 Owning his Backdoor
  14. FLR 41-54 The 14part IP Series 
  15. FLR-55 The Dildo was Real,pt1
  16. FLR-56 The Dildo was Real,pt2
  17. FLR-57 Ancient Amazonia, pt1
  18. FLR-58 Ancient Amazonia,pt2 
  19. FLR-59 A Fine Tuned Boy
  20. (more lessons to be added)


APPENDIX - Selected Lesson Excerpts

Excerpts from ST-04 "The Bad Boy"


He' not evil, he just needs to "feel" her authority.

Excerpts from TL-10 "The Meaning of Good Boy"


Are you "Good boy" material?


Excerpts from FLR Lessons OSODD and First IP Series


FLR Lessons deepen the bond and become part of an incredible love story.

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